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"Promoting love, community and connection for every child and family."

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While we would usually post a #throwbackThursday, The Ana Grace Project learned of an awesome pay it forward event and wanted to share it here.

We hope it puts a smile on your face like it did ours.

The Ana Grace Project salutes the student scholars at Classical Magnet School, Capital Preparatory Magnet School and Hartford Public High School and the running club that collected the running shoes. Thank you also to Steph Blozy at Fleet Feet Sports West Hartford for sending the pictures.

Love Wins at the Ana Grace Love Wins Playground At Elizabeth Park. We run this race of life- together.


Love Wins. It also saves lives.

The Ana Grace Project
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It's #wondrousWednesday here at The Ana Grace Project.

While Nelba is on her way to Austin to present at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy national conference, today we are thinking about resilience.

Resilience can be defined as the ability to adapt to stress and adversity.

We all wish we could live adversity free lives... But did you know that very often it's not the absence of adversity but how we manage adversity that can determine how joyfully we live and how successful we can become? YES.

Here are some key elements to resilience building both in children and adults and these hold true in every socio economic background:

1). Safety. Humans need to feel safe in order to build resilience. Predictable routines and patterns, a sense of physical and emotional safety are paramount to building resilience.

2). Self-regulation skills. There are many skills we need in order to function in this complex world. Among the most important? The ability to "self-regulate". Self-regulation, simply defined, is the ability to bring yourself back to a secure emotional space in the face of external stressors. It helps us with impulse control and not "flying off the handle".

3). Relationships. We are relational beings. The availability of positive relationships in a person's life is directly correlated to resilience.

This is why at the Ana Grace Project our mission is to promote love, community and connection for every child and family.

We do this through our partner schools initiative and through our professional development programs. We teach about trauma, healing and the importance of relationships and what we can ALL do to make a difference. In honor of a little girl who loved life with all of her heart and young man who hasn't quit.

Join the #lovewins movement. For more information, you can email: info@anagraceproject.org

We are all responsible for the planet we live on. Wishing teachers around the globe a healthy and successful week of school. Thank you for helping build resilient, connected communities.

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The Ana Grace Project
Have a #wondrousWednesday.
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