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"Promoting love, community and connection for every child and family."

Interrupting our regularly scheduled #MuzzbuzzMonday post just to say thank you.

Our fundraiser was more successful than we could have imagined. Your love made a beautiful evening even more special.

Thank you to Jacques Pépin and family, Kenny Barron, John Patitucci, @jonathan barber, Jimmy Greene, Western Connecticut State University, Sodexo, Ferris Acres Creamery, La Dolce Vita Confections, Stew Leonard's, Reed Intermediate School music program and parents and all of our community donors and volunteers.

At the end of the day, we are nothing without our connection to one another. We are nothing outside the world we leave to our children.

Thank you for your help in getting The Ana Grace Project off the ground. We are going to continue to do great things.

We leave you with the lyrics to Ana's dad's song:

“Little Voices”
Words and Music by Jimmy Greene
©2013 Sidney James Music, BMI
All Rights Reserved

Little voices calling
Little voices laughing
Little voices singing

All those precious little voices
Brightening our day
Stealing our hearts
Shaping our lives

In the blink of an eye, they’re gone.
Now there's just silence
Where those little voices used to be

Now it's up to you
It's up to me
Will you make the choice and be a voice?

Will you walk humbly, show mercy and love your neighbor?
Will you LOVE your neighbor?

Not fear the neighbor who looks different than you
Or hurt the neighbor who thinks differently than you do
But will you LOVE your neighbor?
Will you love yourself?

Will you teach a child today?
Will you be your brother's keeper?
Will you make someone smile?

Will you do all you can
To love, to forgive, to include
To help?

So that the millions of little voices who are still here
To brighten our days
Steal our hearts
And shape our lives

Can grow tall and strong
To learn from us how to forgive and love
To learn from us how to help and to include
And eventually, one day,
Become the big, confident voices
That will change our world
And make it better than it is today


"Calling and
Laughing, singing
Playing, praying
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me......"

Love Wins. It also saves lives.

Nelba 💜
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Rozina LeeI absolutely love this project! 💗

11 hours ago

Mary KerriganA beautiful evening ...... 💜

10 hours ago

Gordon HughesGlad to hear that the concert was a great success.

10 hours ago

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Welcome to #Soulfulsunday at #TheAnaGraceProject!

Last night was a beautiful and moving tribute to Ana.

We heard world class jazz that moved us to tears of sadness and joy.

We heard about how Love is Winning in New Britain, CT schools with the support of our donors and the spirit of collaboration.

We learned about how to cook our eggs perfectly from the Pepin's and heard the wonderful little voices from Reed Intermediate School Choir imploring us to "Remember Me".

We are filled with gratitude for the outpouring of love that made the event a sacred success.

#LoveWins. It saves lives!
💗 Lauren Pedersen, LMFT
AGP Lead Therapist
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The Ana Grace Project added 3 new photos.

Gun violence is preventable. When we ignore human suffering- love does not win.

What results is anger, apathy, and despair- this leads to hopelessness.

Hopelessness is a spirit that keeps us disconnected from our own power, our ability to create solutions and ideas, and our ability to connect to one another.

We are not hopeless. We are well able to take care of ourselves, our planet and each other.

I invite you to consider not ever letting anyone or anything talk you out of your important role of peacekeeping in this world.

Ana Grace (pictured here with her adoring abuelo) knew her role. Look at the lives she touched!

A huge thank you to the 350 people who will join us Saturday night @western CT state university for our evening of celebration. We are officially SOLD OUT.

May it be a space where you can reconnect to hope and action- and make the decision to let your voice be hear more loudly, more clearly- towards love, community and connection.

We will be in Orange County next week for the mental health and the church conference at saddleback.

We adore each and every one of you.

Love wins. It also saves lives. Our thoughts and prayers are great. Our actions are even better.

Lifting up prayer and action for the people of Oregon.

Nelba L. Marquez-Greene.
The Ana Grace Project
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Rody LundgrenAmen. More peacekeepers voices and positive actions.

4 days ago

Olivia NepiteTrue. Sending love from NJ💜💜💜

4 days ago

Lisa Papp TerifayYou never fail to inspire Nelba 💜

4 days ago   ·  1

Wandy AliceaLOVE WINS💜💜💜

2 days ago

Miriam Haskins💖💖Love wins 💖💖

3 days ago

Meghan Kroll VandenplasEndless inspiration.

3 days ago

Jennifer Martinez Oquendo♡♡♡

3 days ago

Shari Nacsonxoxo

4 days ago

Janet Corrette💕💕

4 days ago

Ale GarciaLove wins...thanks you for being such an inspiration.....🙏🏼

4 days ago

Susan Wentzell💜💜💜💜

4 days ago

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