At The Ana Grace Project, we know that communities are healthier and safer when we:

  1. Value Relationships and connection → reducing social isolation
  2. Teach tools for empathy, self regulation, and self-care
  3. Move, play, and create
  4. Respect diversity
  5. Provide help, hope, and information
  6. Promote acts of service

The “Love Wins” movement of The Ana Grace Project recognizes that all children/families have stories and every story has value. We believe that all children and families can succeed with proper supports – and healthy relational networks are essential. Through our partner schools, professional development, and music/arts initiatives, The Ana Grace Project reaches thousands of children, families , and providers in education, medicine, mental health/social services, and the private sector.

Love wins. It also saves lives.



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  • Super proud of the hearts and minds in Wisconsin and all of the courageous, student centered things they are doing here.  We were able to share about the @ccsu_official @anagraceproject as the morning keynote.  #lovewins #anagraceproject
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#GayleKing was on the trading floor at Cantor Fitzgerald to raise money for The Ana Grace Project. #CFCharityDay was started in commemoration of the 658 employees they lost on 9/11. Check out our Instagram stories to see Gayle in action! #lovewins #anagraceproject
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It’s 9-11 charity day @cfrelieffund & that’s @genesimmons! Im here for @anagraceproject On this day we will never forget ... swipe left my valiant attempt to work the phones .. #cfcharityday #cantorfitzgeraldcharityday
  • It was an honor to be at charity day with @cfrelieffund ! Thank you for hosting us and thank you to our celebrity ambassador @gayleking for repping @anagraceproject for her third year in a row! #charityday #charityday2018 #cantorfitzgeraldcharityday
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  • The CCSU/Ana Grace Project was able to share a bit and learn a lot at the Strengthening Communities Summit in Chicago alongside leaders from all over the world.  #ccsu #lovewins #chicago #anagraceproject

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