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Through the music and arts initiative of The Ana Grace Project, we support The Ana Grace Márquez-Greene endowed memorial music scholarship for incoming freshman at Western Connecticut State University. We are thankful to WCSU leadership and staff for this opportunity further arts education. For more information, visit:

The Ana Grace Project also supports The CREC Ana Grace Elementary Academy of The Arts Elementary School. At The Ana Grace School, every child sings, dances, and plays an instrument. A magnet school operated by Capital Region Education council, we are thrilled to support this very special school that was renamed after our daughter. For more information on this school, visit:

A portion of the sale of “Beautiful Life” supports The Ana Grace Project and The Artists Collective of Hartford, CT.

“Little Voices”

Words and Music by Jimmy Greene ©2013 | Sidney James Music, BMI All Rights Reserved
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Little voices calling
Little voices laughing
Little voices singing

All those precious little voices
Brightening our day
Stealing our hearts
Shaping our lives

In the blink of an eye, they’re gone.
Now there’s just silence
Where those little voices used to be
Now it’s up to you
It’s up to me

Will you make the choice and be a voice?

Will you walk humbly, show mercy and love your neighbor?
Will you LOVE your neighbor?
Not fear the neighbor who looks different than you
Or hurt the neighbor who thinks differently than you do
But will you LOVE your neighbor?

Will you love yourself?

Will you teach a child today?
Will you be your brother’s keeper?
Will you make someone smile?

Will you do all you can
To love, to forgive, to include
To help?

So that the millions of little voices who are still here
To brighten our days
Steal our hearts
And shape our lives

Can grow tall and strong
To learn from us how to forgive and love
To learn from us how to help and to include
And eventually, one day,
Become the big, confident voices
That will change our world

And make it better than it is today


Calling and
Laughing, singing
Playing, praying
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me