Professional Development

The outpouring of support after the tragedy at Sandy Hook afforded Newtown, Connecticut much needed training, counseling and financial resources.

The Ana Grace Project is aware that there are children around the country who suffer traumatic loss, toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and do not receive such supports and opportunities.

It is the mission of The Ana Grace Project and its commitment to social justice that led to the professional development initiative. Its purpose is to provide training opportunities to communities that may not otherwise have them.

Through collaboration with organizations like The Child Trauma Academy, Klingberg Family Centers and Clifford Beers Clinic – we have been able to teach and train thousands of participants through academic mental health conferences, safety conferences and trauma training locally, nationally and in Canada.

We work with teachers, mental health professionals, law enforcement, faith leaders, community providers, business leaders and more- inviting them in to our “Love Wins” community. Our teaching and training modules vary and are customized for
each audience.

We promote sharing and building capacity – the ultimate goal being communities with increased connections and decreased levels of violence.