Partner Schools

The Ana Grace Project partner schools initiative is an exciting collaboration which brings together curriculum and clinical pieces to benefit the entire school community. Additionally, The Ana Grace Project partners with businesses and organizations in the non and for profit sectors, colleges /universities and national trauma teams in order to provide once in a lifetime opportunities for its student scholars, staff and administrators.

Our partner schools initiative has a curriculum and clinical component. The Ana Grace project is flexible and designed to enhance any existing social and emotional learning program. We work with principals and teachers to customize a learning program for their school that can be meaningful and love changing. Teachers who incorporate the Love Wins curriculum into their classrooms work with their students to mutually design how “love will win” during their academic year together. While students co-develop the guidelines, expectations and culture – the teacher weaves these learnings into their daily lessons and routines.

To date, our partner schools have received tens of thousands of dollars in direct financial contributions.

What We Do

  • Assessment, individual, family and group therapy, psychiatry services
  • Consultation and team building with administration and staff
  • Attend school meetings on clients e.g. Planning and Placement Team Meetings, 504 meetings at the discretion of the clinician and parent
  • Assist families with referrals and follow through on referrals to community services as needed
  • Provide clinical interns
  • Provide a senior clinician responsible for the coordination of wraparound services as well as providing many of the services directly
  • Provide licensed clinical supervisor that senior clinician and clinical interns report to
  • Provide all computers and administrative supplies for Klingberg Family Centers staff
  • Provide program and assessment materials
  • Provide access to a confidential voice mail box
  • Provide access to Klingberg Family Centers on-call services

The clinical component of our partner schools initiative is the LOVE WINS School Based Clinical Services (SBCS) through a fruitful and generous partnership with the Klingberg Family Centers Outpatient Clinic/Central Connecticut State University Family Therapy Institute.


To offer community, families and individuals hope for healing by bringing our expertise to school based settings.


  • Rooted in love and compassion
  • Trauma and attachment informed
  • Culturally responsive
  • Relationally focused
  • Driven by need
  • Systems oriented
  • Collaborative


We believe that healthy schools are central to the health of communities and families and therefore serve as excellent and meaningful hubs for mental health and support service delivery. Healthy schools start with a healthy, supported staff and administration. Healthy individuals, healthy families, healthy communities and healthy connections make a safer, more compassionate and productive world. In order for a child to perform successfully in school the child must experience safety, a sense of control, positive relationships and empathy.

Our message is that love, community and connection can be powerful antidotes to trauma and the stigma associated with mental illness. Healing relationships, making connections and developing empathy drastically reduce episodes of violence and aggression both in school and in the community. We believe that love wins. It also saves lives.